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Promoting agricultural practices that sustain the quality of Vermont's soil, limit negative impacts on local ecosystems, and create equity for all participants

Currently, cannabis and cannabis products are not eligible for USDA Organic certification. Additionally, studies show that consumers prefer and are more likely to purchase organic cannabis over conventional. To address these issues, and to promote VCA’s agricultural values, we have developed the Vermont Organic Cannabis certification program.

The Vermont Organic Cannabis certification program is available to any state-licensed cannabis grower, processor or producer that maintains organic certification status through a highly-reputable, third-party verification program. We also offer a Transitional Certification program for growers who are currently transitioning their crops and/or land from non-organic to organic.

The program includes use of the Vermont Organic Cannabis name and logo; as well as branding, promotional and informational materials.

The Vermont Organic Cannabis program is available to members and non-members alike, with VCA members receiving a discount on this and many other VCA programs.

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While VCA currently offers advocacy, information and networking services, some of the content presented on this site is prospective, given that Vermont has not fully legalized cannabis consumption for adult use. This page is one such section. We will do our best to clarify the services and programs we currently offer, and what we plan to offer in the future.